About Me

Ibrahim Anas Abdel Moneim, born in Cairo in 1984, and earned my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 2006, Oil Painting Department. Participated in a number of art galleries in El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo Atelier, College gallery, and Cairo Opera House. Obtained a Diploma in Graphic from Yat Training Center.

After graduation, worked in an engineering equipment company as a grapheteer and a painter, specialized in optical illusion pieces and orientalists' drawings.

Worked as a media and advertising designer in a number of companies in the field of publicity and publications, promoting till reaching the position of Art Director. Also worked in the design of brochures, magazines, books, and specialized in dealing with the finest customers; hotels, tourism companies, etc, and distinguished also in creating logos and corporate identities.


Started with studying photography at the outset of the year 2010 up till now; undertakes media filming, such as companies and factories' photographing, as well as imaging products, exhibitions, restaurants and cuisines. Also distinguished in photographing people and events, especially weddings.Interested in documentaries, reading, religion sciences, end of the world science, and painting.

My Philosophy

I do love and appreciate modern art in all its meanings, simplicity, and direct ideas direct. However, modern art is a challenging case; since with all its simplicity, just few are able to practice it. I do endeavor to practice such are in my own works; whether media designs or photography. Yet with all such devotion, I still treasure a genuine appreciation to classic art; that is of the Renaissance and Rococo eras, as well as the other classic.


My Equipment

With God's blessing, I possess the state-of-art equipment used in digital photography.

In photographing, I prefer Nikon digital camera Nikon DSLR; being a professional and good machine that I do treasure. As for the lenses, I have a Nikon 50 mm as a standard lens, and another Sigma 70-300 for distant places, as well as a Rikonon 650-1300 as a super telephoto. As for lighting tools, available at my side are studios lighting tools used in photographing people, decorations, products and galleries, in addition to custom tools for imaging products and backgrounds.