Shortly About Me

Ibrahim Anas Abdel Moneim, Work as graphic designer and photographe,Earned my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in 2006.


  • Advertising Photography:We can do all types of media imaging; photographing products, companies, factories, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, through more than one package of which you may select what suits you the best.
  • DesignsWe undertake the designs necessary for companies ....

My Philosophy

I do love and appreciate modern art in all its meanings, simplicity, and direct ideas direct. However, modern art is a challenging case; since with all its simplicity, just few are able to practice it. I do endeavor to practice such are in my own works;

whether media designs or photography. Yet with all such devotion, I still treasure a genuine appreciation to classic art; that is of the Renaissance and Rococo eras, as well as the other classic.